How to Enable Experimental Chrome Features

There are a lot of reasons why you want to enable experimental Chrome features, whether you’re a developer looking to stay on the cutting edge of new technologies or a user who just wants to see the latest and greatest things. Enabling experimental features in Chrome will allow you to preview some of the awesome new things out there.

There are a few downsides to enabling experimental features, browser instability is one of them and security and privacy concerns are another. So understand that there are definitely some downsides when you turn experimental features on. Let’s get to actually doing it now.

How to Enable Experimental Chrome Features

1) In your Chrome browser’s address bar, enter chrome://flags/ then hit enter.


2) You’ll be taken to a page listing all the experimental features available that you can enable or disable at a whim. One of the features that I tend to like keeping on is the Experimental Web Platforms option. Simply click on the Enable link:


4) Once you click on the Enable link, a button will appear in the bottom left of your browser telling you to Relaunch Chrome. You should Enable all the features you want before Relaunching by clicking the button.

relaunchchro5) Once relaunched, your experimental feature(s) should be enabled now.

Disabling Experimental Chrome Features

Disabling experimental features can be done in pretty much the same way as enabling them.

1) In your Chrome browser’s address bar, enter chrome://flags/ then hit enter.

2) Locate and click on the Disable link on all the features you want to turn off.

3) Click on the Relaunch Now button to reload Chrome and turn those features off.

Again, be aware that not all experimental features are stable, some can present security risks or even cause data corruption. It’s recommended to turn on only those experimental features that you will use, and once you stop using them, turn them off. In the mean time, check the resources links to see some cool experimental features you can play around with.


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