The Project is a three-tiered project management, marketing and consulting firm based in Indiana. They wanted to refresh their online presence with a new approach while keeping true to their established brand. I did a complete redesign of the website and upgraded them to a Content Management System to help them sort, organize and attract new business.


  • Website Design
  • Front-End Development
  • WordPress
  • Responsive Design
  • Foundation 6 Framework
  • Design, Develop & Deploy

Minimalist & Updated

I went with a minimalist design aesthetic to accentuate the marketing and contemporary feel of the firm. Photography was used sparingly and attention to detail was especially important to focus on for typography and layout. There is a prominent use of clean sans-serifs throughout to further bolster the modern feel we were going for with this project. In addition to the new look, I made sure the website was easy to update with a page builder system put in place and upgraded the bones of the website to Zurb’s rock solid Foundation 6 responsive framework.


Deployment launched in early 2016 with a brand new look and system for file management so they can spend less time fussing with their website and more time providing world class service for their clientele.

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