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  • Conditional WordPress Redirects

    Conditional WordPress Redirects

    Today, we’re talking about conditional ways to redirect a user in WordPress based upon the page they are using to log in. As with all things I do in WordPress, whenever I get a new challenge that takes me a while, I feel the need to share it. Or at the very least, post it […]

  • Understanding & Using WP Query

    Understanding & Using WP Query

    In order to adequately develop a fully functioning WordPress (WP) theme, you need to know WP Query and understand how it works, why it’s necessary, when you need to use it and where it should be placed. WP Query is a class with a host of powerful functions (called template tags in WordPress) that allow […]

  • WordPress Conditionals for Logged In/Out Users

    WordPress Conditionals for Logged In/Out Users

    It happens all the time, you have a logged in user who should be displayed some kind of message or be shown something that a logged out user wouldn’t normally have access to. Typically, this takes the form of a logout button or link if you lost it by deactivating the default administrative bar that […]

  • Why WordPress Themes Won’t Save You Money

    Why WordPress Themes Won’t Save You Money

    While I prefer to do all my work in a 100% customized scenario, a lot of clients do request theme modifications. Many of these themes, they’ve purchased from ThemeForest or some other WordPress theme marketplace. And all that is fine and dandy, if you were just looking for something to build off of. The problem […]

  • WordPress Code Snippet for PHP Display Shortcodes

    WordPress Code Snippet for PHP Display Shortcodes

    I’m always finding myself having to look through my notes for this little snippet for php display shortcodes. I use it often enough to have to look for it, but at the same time, not often enough to commit it to memory. So here, once and for all, is the PHP code to display a […]

  • How to Remove the Smiley Face on WordPress

    So you’re working with WordPress, possibly editing a theme, maybe making your own, or applying a theme you just downloaded. Everything is working OK and looking fine until you get to the bottom of the page and notice this: What the heck is that smiley face doing there? At this point, you might be going […]

  • Not So Innocent WordPress Themes

    The ease of setting up a WordPress blog is fairly common knowledge. WordPress themselves talk about the easy 5-minute installation. And it really is that easy! What isn’t so easy, and what a lot of people often overlook, is the maintenance and security of their blog after the initial installation. WordPress security is about as […]

  • Installing WordPress on XAMPP

    Installing WordPress on XAMPP

    One thing that concerns me with some inexperienced web designers, is their penchant for developing or designing a site directly on a client’s web server–either they use a subdirectory on the server or start making changes to the live site itself. There are a number of reasons why developing directly on a client’s live server […]