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  • Swift: Arc4Random Type Casting

    Swift: Arc4Random Type Casting

    I’ve been struggling like usual with a relatively simple problem the last two days this time, it’s getting arc4random_uniform to give me a randomized value from an array. Sure, it’s an easy problem for someone more experienced, so prepare to laugh. It occurred to me to type cast arc4random the instant I saw the error. […]

  • Flappy Bird-Like Games & Swift Countdown

    Flappy Bird-Like Games & Swift Countdown

    Seems to me like everyone and their cousin has a Flappy Bird knockoff on the app store. Call me slow on the uptick, but I only recently discovered that App Flipping existed. I don’t like the industry or the approach. But I can’t deny that if someone makes a buck flipping apps–then they’ve–made a buck […]