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10 Beautiful Free Fonts on Behance

Behance is like a cave filled with treasure, beautiful free fonts treasure specifically. I’m constantly impressed by the great fonts exclusively available on there so I decided to highlight some of the nicest ones that I’ve found recently. Some of these are completely free for an entire font family, others have some free weights, but they’re all delightful in their own way.

The Beautiful Free Fonts

Moon by Jack Harvatt
A lovely rounded typeface with some nice spacing. Very modern with a touch of friendliness. Great for minimalist headings in your design.

Pier Sans by Mathieu Desjardins
A great structured typeface, another good option for headers and headlines. I’m particularly fond of the R in this one.

Glamor by Hendrick Rolandez
Curly and glorious, like a fancier Bodoni. Glamor would look great set large as a headline on a page or layout.

fontbe04 Linotte by Joël Carrouché (free weight)
Cute and friendly, Linotte’s line is a rounded sans-serif that would be super cute setting a subheading or as an accent type.

Geomanist by atipo
Bold and modern, Geomanist is easy to read and well set. The entire family features an ultra bold that’s great for really heavy type jobs.

Arca Majora by Alfredo Marco Pradil
Tightly kerned and Arca Majora looks great. Would work very well for accent type jobs.

Voga by Charles Daoud
(free weight)
Bold and different, Voga’s unique shapes would look good as an attention-grabbing headline.

Aleo by Alessio Laiso
Aleo is a pleasant, friendly serif with a lot of different features, good amount of readability and a distinctive modern feel.

Rabiola by Raphael Sathler
Serif and classy, Rabiola should be right at home representing a subheading and maybe even body type.

Ailerons by Adilson Gonzales de Oliveira Junior
Ailerons beautiful free fonts
Tall, thin and ultra modern. Ailerons is the kind of typeface that would be great as a headline on a modern or tech-centric design.

Whales Are Weird Free Line Art or Icon Set

This is a free line art or icon set featuring whales. I had some time on my hands and decided to fill an exceptionally niche need where someone might need a bunch of whale icons or line art. You can find the download link at the bottom of this post, the set includes sixteen different whales or porpoises.

Free Whales Line Art Set

Whales Are Weird

A set of line art icons and illustrations done for fun. I have an affinity for whales (they’re not just weird, they’re also amazing animals) so I created sixteen icons to represent some of the major members of the whale species and a few members of the porpoise species too.

Whales, icons only free line art


Free Whales

Mostly done for fun, I don’t have a project associated with these illustrations, but if you have a need for some whales, check out the download link below for EPS versions of these icons.

If you do end up using some of these whales, it would be super nice if you send me a tweet @ironiondes, leave me a comment on this post or shoot me an email and let me know how they’re doing. 🙂


CC License

Creative Commons License
Whales Are Weird Line Art Set by Iron Ion Design is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.