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  • WordPress Visual Page Builders

    WordPress Visual Page Builders

    Visual page builders for WordPress sites have gotten some attention lately because they can make building a site out very easy–especially for those who don’t know code. You still need a developer to get certain functionality working, but a page builder can definitely get you up and running with a semi-custom site. The following is […]

  • Resources for Checking Accessibility

    Resources for Checking Accessibility

    Making websites and apps that work for everyone should be something every web designer thinks about. It’s been on my mind a lot lately because I’m working on a project that must be Section 508 compliant. I’ve found the following resources useful. Easy Checks for Accessibility Gives some generalized tips and tricks for ensuring accessibility […]

  • Great Places to Get Free Images

    Great Places to Get Free Images

    Stock photography can make or break a design–whether it’s a website, app or print piece that you’re working on. Good stock photography often comes with a hefty price tag. But, when you’re a design student, buying thousands of dollars worth of stock photos might not be a realistic expectation. So any time you can get […]

  • 5 Frameworks Worth Checking Out

    5 Frameworks Worth Checking Out

    Frameworks seem to be the in thing and while I’m still kind of old school about this in that I’ll insist upon building things from scratch, I do still use a framework to avoid the hassle of the setup. It’s also imperative that designer/developers understand at least one major framework because hey, they are tools […]

  • 10 Beautiful Free Fonts on Behance

    10 Beautiful Free Fonts on Behance

    Behance is like a cave filled with treasure, beautiful free fonts treasure specifically. I’m constantly impressed by the great fonts exclusively available on there so I decided to highlight some of the nicest ones that I’ve found recently. Some of these are completely free for an entire font family, others have some free weights, but […]

  • My Favorite Free Code Editors

    My Favorite Free Code Editors

    There are so many code editors out there that when I was getting back into full-time web design, I couldn’t figure out which one to start with. So I decided to go for the most basic one and I’ve worked my way through a few to end up with the one I’m using now. This […]

  • Choosing a Good Web Host

    Choosing a Good Web Host

    I’ve encountered a lot of situations where clients are having trouble with their web host. Most often, it’s related to how slow their website is loading after adding a content management system to their previously static website. Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, etc. tend to add a bit more load to […]

  • Resources: Some Useful Design Books

    Resources: Some Useful Design Books

    Most of my first two years of higher education were spent in a dark room with ten to fifteen other people, drawing from a still life or live model. Sometimes we were loosed outside to sit in the frigid autumns of Canada to commit a landscape to paper. Later on, I started getting more design, […]