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  • Installing Git & GitHub on OSX Using Terminal

    Installing Git & GitHub on OSX Using Terminal

    Knowing how to use Git is incredibly important for all developers, whether you’re building a simple HTML/CSS website or making your own operating system. Git allows you to quickly implement version control into your project, but a lot of people–especially developers first starting out have a hard time grasping what exactly Git is and how […]

  • Installing SASS on OSX Using Terminal

    Installing SASS on OSX Using Terminal

    SASS is one of two CSS preprocessor languages (that I know of, if there are more, let me know) aimed at extending the power and functionality of CSS with the goal of improving development time and reducing repetition in code. As a preprocessor language, SASS requires that we have it installed before we can convert […]

  • Installing Magento on XAMPP

    Installing Magento on XAMPP

    E-Commerce is getting big, and one of the biggest e-commerce systems in use is Magento. It is an open source software package that allows users to set up an online store. While “easy” isn’t the first word I would use for Magento, it’s certainly one of the better options out there if you’re looking for […]

  • Installing WordPress on XAMPP

    Installing WordPress on XAMPP

    One thing that concerns me with some inexperienced web designers, is their penchant for developing or designing a site directly on a client’s web server–either they use a subdirectory on the server or start making changes to the live site itself. There are a number of reasons why developing directly on a client’s live server […]