Another Year, Another Redesign

It’s my mind that my website’s design goes through a cycle. Sometimes that cycle lasts only a year, other times it lasts a couple of years. It always starts off with the honeymoon period where everything is great and I love it to bits. Then I fall into the comfortable maintenance period where things are still working, but once in a while something goes a little off-balance and it eventually gets fixed. Then it enters its twilight period where I’m tired of looking at it, and tired of patching all the little things and feel like it would just be a better solution to redo the whole damn thing. This twilight period is usually where I question my value and skills as a designer and developer and it bothers me to no end.

Usually around the end of that second year, I get the uncontrollable urge to redesign this place. In 2017, my website is starting to show its age a little and I’m finding annoying little things here and there that I’ve been meaning to fix for months. Sure, it still works, but sometimes I wish it worked better and as an example of what I do, I’m feeling a bit underwhelmed by the current site.

I’m thinking of going ultra simple this time. Part of the reason for that is because I’m tired of the fancier bits and pieces sometimes going awry on this older browser or that older browser. So, I’m looking to update the layout, fix the code base, simplify or otherwise modernize the design, or maybe just use all this as an excuse to add my latest work to the Portfolio section.

Whatever the reason is, I’ll be working on (in whatever spare time I have) a redesign for Iron Ion which I’m hoping to roll out before the fall season. Outside of musing about it all and one day seeing a completely different looking site, nothing else is going to change.

I’ve got a dozen or so coding posts that I’m still working on, spare time to work on these things is sparse nowadays–not that I’m complaining or planning to stop any time soon. I’m always happy to visit the site and see your wonderfully kind comments and notes. I do read every single one of them, and try to respond to all that I can–even if I don’t have the answers. So thank you for all the comments, questions and feedback. Hopefully before the end of 2017, this place will look a little different so I can assuage the screaming designer in me. 🙂

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