Re-Discovering Sublime Text & Shortcuts

Recently started using Sublime Text for a more extended period of time. I spent more time getting it up and running than Brackets, but I think I’m fairly happy with how it’s going. The main reason I switched back? I was teaching using Sublime Text and it was getting ridiculous not knowing the keyboard shortcuts and quick commands that come along with the program.

So I set forth, customizing my ST3 until I was happy with the functionality I had. I’m still working on getting as familiar with it as I am with Brackets and I still fall back on Brackets for a couple of features that I either can’t find in Sublime or assume aren’t in there without adding additional packages. This post is a summary of the packages I’ve installed and use as well as a list of shortcuts. Mostly as a reminder to me in case I ever have to rebuild everything from scratch or stop using Sublime for an extended period of time.

Packages I Use in Sublime Text

  1. Package Control
  2. AngularJS
  3. BracketHighlighter
  4. ColorCoder
  5. ColorPicker
  6. CSS Color Converter
  7. CSS Format
  8. CSS3
  9. FileSystem Autocomplete
  10. Foundation 5 Snippets
  11. Git
  12. HTML5
  13. HTML Beautify
  14. Javascript Beautify
  15. JSLint
  16. jQuery Tools
  17. PHP CS
  18. Placeholders
  19. SASS Tools
  20. SASS Beautify
  21. SCSS
  22. Sublimerge
  23. Swift Tools
  24. WordPress Tools

All packages can be installed using Package Control.


Color Picker: CMD + Shift + C (requires ColorPicker package)
Sublimerge Quick Panel: CTRL + ALT + D (requires Sublimerge package)

Commenting: CMD + /
Find: CMD + F
Replace: Shift + CMD + F
Move Tabs/Panes: CMD + 1/2/3/4
PackageControl: Shift + CMD + P
Select Line: CMD + L

Setting Automatic Line Wrapping

Go to Preferences > Settings – More > Syntax Specific – User

Enter the following onto the document:

"word_wrap": true

HTML Entity Encoding

I find myself using this a lot when setting eBooks for clients. To convert to entities:

Select all your code/content, then hold down Shift + CMD + P. Type in “en“, and select HTML: Encode Special Characters and hit the Enter key. Yay, your special characters have been converted to entities.


Modified Dimmed using Monokai TMTheme Editor.

Chances of anyone besides me finding this useful are kind of slim. But I figured I’d post it out there in case anyone was wondering how to call up the Color Picker or something.

Search/Replace Using Regex

Just make sure this little icon is selected to enable Regex searches: regexsearch


Package Control for Sublime Text
Sublime Text 3 (Beta as of this writing)